Hey Hey Ho Boppity Bop by Jeana Scotti
Gene Frankel Theater, August 2023
Directed by Mia Sommese
Featuring: Joy Donze, Aimee Fortier, Racquel Jean-Louis, Ricki Lynee, and Bess Miller. 
Photography by Ashley Garrett.
Marie by Jeana Scotti

Rutgers Mason Gross, 2018
An adaptation of Woyzeck set in a knock-off Red Lobster in a town resembling Staten Island where lobsters come to life and we hear more from Marie and less about peas. 
Directed by Morgan Green
Set design Kimie Nishikawa
Lighting design by Colleen Doherty
Costume design by Sarah Zinn
Sound design by Käri Berntson
Photography by Anna Bergman
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