Oh, Honey
Four women meet on the first Monday of each month in the same diner, at the same time (when they’re on time) where they complain about the slow service, their dietary restrictions, the latest Real Housewives episodes, the smell of a tuna fish sandwich, and their college sons’ sexual assault allegations, while the server would rather be anywhere else. 
Created with the support of Clubbed Thumb's Early Career Writers' Group 2021-2022. 
Staged reading, The Wild Project, June 2022, directed by Morgan Green
Upcoming: Site-specific performances at Little Egg September 18-28, 2024.
The Possessed Girls of St. Mary's
In 1969, thirteen-year-old Alex is about to make her Confirmation, but after rumors spread that she gave the monsignor a heart attack during her confession, she begins to bleed. She believes the bleeding can only be one thing, a sign that she's possessed. A possession she believes she brought onto herself because she can't stop masturbating to the idea of girls in her class telling her what to do and Dick Van Dyke in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. It starts to spread to the other girls in the grade and threatens to take over their bodies, the school, and the country.
Recognition: O'Neill Playwrights Conference semi-finalist 2024, Playwrights Realm semi-finalist 2021
Development: Brick Aux Staged Reading produced by Fringe and Fur, directed by Tara Elliott. 
An adaptation of Georg Buchner's Woyzeck set in a knockoff Red Lobster where Marie, that Marie who ends up being killed by her boyfriend in the original, works as a server to support her baby. Waymon, her boyfriend, just recently got out of prison and works in the kitchen. He's always hungry since he's on a special diet for a new experimental drug.  And there's a giant lobster that comes out at night.
Performance History: Rutgers University 2018, directed by Morgan Green. 
Hey Hey Ho Boppity Hop
Theatre teaching artists during summer orientation who initiate the new hire and enter into a process drama that brings them to pirate ships, broken skin, and bologna. One act play. 
Performance History: Gene Frankel Theater, August 2023.
Candy Girls
Tanya reports the candy store owner for "being a creep." The store is infested with cockroaches and the manager is freaking out that they'll fail the health inspection. And Kate and Justine just want to help Tanya in whatever their definition of helping means, whether she likes it or not. Run time- 30 minutes.
Development: New Perspectives Women's Work Lab 2021
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